An Acadian Tradition

• Dating back over 100 years •

Acadian Coast brings the joyful vibe and whimsy of New Orleans to the heart of Houston's East End.

Acadian Coast offers thoughtfully prepared Gulf Coast seafood, blending authentic flavors of American Creole country and Canada's Acadia with the rich cooking traditions of the American South. We celebrate these cuisines as well as Houston's own history. With origins dating back to the 17th century, Acadian culinary heritage reflects the journeys of French settlers to (what is in present-day) Canadian New Brunswick and on to the Louisiana coast. Our cuisine reflects that evolution, marrying the influences and vibrant flavors the Acadians brought with them and experienced along the way. 

Houston's Second Ward has deep roots in the city's history, long-serving as a gateway from the shipping channel into the city. Barges would come up the bayou to dock on the edge of the neighborhood and unpack their goods, and our own Navigation Boulevard served as the area's main artery, guiding the flow of growth into the city.

We greet each morning as a welcoming neighborhood bakery & café, with handcrafted bread and pastries including sweet and savory beignets. As day turns to night, our dining room transforms to feature elevated fare that celebrates the complexities of Acadia's culinary legacy.